Training of local guides according to WFTGA standards

On Saturday, December 5, at the Cultural-Natural Reserve “Orheiul Vechi” took place the training “Training of local guides according to WFTGA standards”, within the project Moldova Next Tourism Generation Academy organized by the National Association for Reception Tourism.

Training trainers:

  • Balatel Elana spoke about the correct management of the activity in the field
    tourism and the activity standards of the local guides according to the Federation
    World Association of Tourist Guides).
  • Petru Costachi spoke about the significance and role of Tourism Marketing; How
    Online Tourism Marketing techniques and strategies can be applied. Were
    analyzed the promotion methods of & quot; players & quot; from the tourism industry,
    including all forms of tourism. About the 10 Trends in Marketing
    to take into account in 2021.

The participants in the training were the tour guides from the reservation, the Museum from Truseni as well as representatives from the travel agencies Infinit TUR and Rebelle Travel Club. During this training, the guides learned how to properly manage their tourism business and learned what an important role tourism marketing plays.

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Training of local guides according to WFTGA standards

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