The ravine „Râpa Culicăuca”

The ravine „Râpa Culicăuca” is located on the right slope of the Răut river valley, to the southeast of the Church of the „Nativity of the Mother of God” on the Butuceni promontory. The ravine is a picturesque place, formed in the hard limestones of the middle Sarmatian having the shape of gorges. It has steep slopes of 45-50 ° in the middle, and upper part of the slopes of 30-35 °. In the longitudinal profile there are several steps (waterfalls) with heights of 2-6 m. At the mouth of the ravine the steps reach over 10 m. The fall of the ravine basin is 78 m, and the slope is 50%. The absolute altitude of the mouth of the ravine is 22 m. At the mouth there are massive limestone blocks with dimensions of 5x3x1.5 m.

The ravine „Râpa Morovaia”

The ravine „Râpa Morovaia” is located on the left side of the valley of the river Răut, on the northern edge of the village Morovaia. It was formed in the hard limestones of the middle Sarmatian. It has strongly inclined slopes, in the lower part almost steep, with a slope of 80-90 °, in the middle and the upper part with a lower slope (45-50 °). In the middle course of „Râpa Morovaia” there is a specific karst complex – a polie, formed as a result of the twinning of several sinkholes, formed in the process of karst development both surface and depth. Against the background of the depression, two hums are spectacularly highlighted – karst witnesses with a height of about 50-70 m. Karst formations are unique forms on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and thus have an appreciable value for heritage and tourism

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