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The Orheiul Vechi Cultural-Natural Reserve is a public law institution, subordinated to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova.

The reservation has the status of a cultural-natural site of national importance, established by art. 6 of Law no. 251-XVI of December 4, 2008 on the establishment of the Orheiul Vechi Cultural-Natural Reserve.

The Orheiul Vechi cultural-natural reservation is a public law institution, subordinated to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova. It includes historical and cultural heritage assets (archeological sites, cave complexes, vernacular architecture complexes, ethnographic objectives), traditional settlements , Morovaia), natural heritage goods (geological and landscape ensembles, flora and fauna), terrestrial and aquatic surfaces where the regulated capitalization of natural resources is carried out, agricultural, industrial and tourist activities are practiced.


The reservation is a component part of the Orhei National Park, being an autonomous unit with its own administration. Orhei National Park is located in the central part of the Republic of Moldova in the historical-geographical area of Codrii Orheiului, 46 km north of the town. Chisinau. The total area of the Park is 33792.09 ha, including: 19509.51 ha of state-owned land (18551.4 ha of state forest fund), 4404.87 ha of land owned by local public authorities and 9877.71 ha privately owned land.


The reservation is located on the eastern edge of Orhei National Park. It has an area of 4978.99 ha and a protection area of 6085.57 ha. The perimeter of the Reservation is 43517.29 m, and the perimeter of the protection zone of 48647.86 m. the villages Furceni and Brănești) – 381.57 ha, Susleni – 8.06 ha, Mașcăuți – 647.17 ha and Molovata – 17.59 ha.


The protection area of the Reservation includes territories from the communes / villages Trebujeni – 68.35 ha, Susleni – 633.76 ha, Piatra – 338.60 ha, Ivancea (villages Furceni and Brănești) – 1255.18 ha, Mașcăuți – 2597.97 ha, Holercani – 479.42 ha, Mărcăuți – 232.16 ha, Molovata – 480.13 ha.

In the central part of the Reserve is delimited the Orheiul Vechi Archaeological Landscape, nominated in 2015 for inscription in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The archaeological landscape occupies an area of 539.12 ha with a perimeter of 13232.04 m and has a protection area with an area of 10525.433 ha, which corresponds to the space of the Reservation.

Planul Interior de protectie a rezervatiilor culturale Orhei Vechi
  • 1968

    Formation of the Orheiul Vechi Cultural-Natural Reserve.

  • 1969

    Orheiul Vechi Historical-Archaeological Complex Band - branch of the Museum of History and Study of the Native Country of Orhei (Order of the Minister of Culture no. 42 of February 14, 1969)..